CAFSC membership fees are set annually based on anticipated athlete enrolment and forecasted operational expenses for the program offered. Registration fees for the winter program apply to the period of November through March. Summer training/water ramp fees are separate and standalone from the winter registration fees. Funding commitment can be achieved through full monetary payment or scheduled payments. Refunds will apply to the total commitment value, and although based on a prorated structure, fees are frontend weighted to acknowledge fixed program expenses and coaching contract commitments.

Voluntary Withdrawal:

  1. Winter Program withdrawal prior to January 1 will result in a prorated refund based on the number of months completed of the entire season.
  2. Winter Program withdrawal after January 1 will yield no refund.
  3. Summer training (water ramping/tramping) punch cards and season passes are nonrefundable.
  4. Supplemental spring/summer training fees (e.g. Sunshine/Whistler/Mt. Hood) are nonrefundable.

Injury: The club recognizes that athlete safety is a critical goal of our organization. The board will review any request due to injury and provide a pro-rated refund amount. This will only occur if the injury results in the end of training or competing for the remainder of the season for the athlete.

Termination: board Terminated athletes may be ineligible for a refund. Each case will be reviewed by the CAFSC Board.

Special circumstances: CAFSC Board reserves the right to amend as necessary for special circumstances.

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