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Employment Opportunities

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Due to the continued growth of our club, the CAFSC Executive are inviting applications for the position of Mogul Head Coach/Program Director for the 2021/22 season. The preferred commencement date for this position will be June 15, 2021 or at a date mutually agreed upon.

The Club

Central Alberta Freestyle Ski Club is a growing club with a strong grassroots fundamentalz program and increasingly competitive freestylerz program. Supporting athlete progression remains a key priority of the club.

 CAFSC is strategically located in the center of the province with world class training facilities at Canyon ski resort as well as our water ramp facility. The club has a strong working relationship with our resort and Freestyle Alberta resulting in a mogul training facility capable of hosting NorAm and national events

.The club recently purchased an airbag to round out our facilities and ensure a full assortment of training facilities to meet the needs of all athletes.

The ideal candidate will possess the following qualities:

● Commit 100% to the program, training and comp schedules and to coaching toward the personal goals of all athletes.

● Ensure athlete safety is foremost in all trainings and competitions

● Set a positive example for athletes through timeliness, readiness to ski, condition of equipment and positive attitude

● Coach the athletes in a logical sequence, attending equally to all athletes in one’s group and using all development tools available.

● Ensure athlete personal goals are realistic, reevaluating and adjusting goals with the athlete as required throughout the season.

● Communicate with parents on appropriate aspects of the team and individual athlete programs as required.

● Act as an ambassador for CAFSC and the sport of freestyle skiing by presenting oneself with integrity on and off the hill by showing courtesy and cooperation with fellow coaches, athletes, parents, officials and employees or customers of all ski areas and other venues during training and competition.

● Set a safety example for athletes by acting in accordance with the athlete’s Code of Conduct as well as the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association Code of Conduct found in the CFSA’s Disciplinary Standard Operating Procedures.


● Certified Air 4 B Module to qualify inverted jump skills

● Standard First Aid and CPR “C”

● Experience coaching competitive Mogul programs (Learn & Train to Compete)

● Strong understanding of the Freestyle Canada athlete development pathway

● Competitive experience is an asset 

CAFSC aims to support and develop our coaches. Successful candidates that do not have all the certification listed will be supported in furthering their coaching development.

Coaching Responsibilities

● Providing athletes with premium training through the implementation of on-hill program preparation and delivery.

● Ensure that athlete safety is a top priority in training regiment

● Responsible for planning & implementation of airbag, water ramp, and on-snow coaching; thus, ensuring mastered fundamentals, progression, and style;

● Prepare annual, weekly, daily training plans on an individual basis to assist athletes in development of skill progression

● Plan and implement Goal setting, video analysis, etc;

● Track and monitor the progression of athletes and provide an annual gap analysis for the program and individual athletes

● Develop reports to the athletes with feedback on progress and suggestions for Improvement

● Advise the board of directors on the organization’s strategic direction related to Mogul Skiing

● Mentor fundamentals coaches as the Mogul technical lead for the club

● Act as a mentor/role model to the club

● Communicate professionally and courteously with athletes’ parents

● Enforcing team “rules” and expectations

 Program Director Responsibilities

● Establish multi-season plans for athlete training and competition

● Provide leadership for the Freestylerz, and Fundamentalz programs and oversee CAFSC coaching staff for all programs

● Ensure safe working practices and regular hazard assessments are followed by all coaches always.

● Build and strengthen the current program where needed.

● Provide quality instruction to groups and individuals by ensuring CFSA is providing a safe, positive and engaging atmosphere in which to learn.

● Create a fun environment and lesson plans with coaches that are motivating and conductive to learning.

● Encourage athlete enthusiasm for the learning process and continued development.

● Host morning meetings before training and brief coaches on the day’s plans,weather, current conditions, etc.

● Manage coach time keeping and ensure training starts in a prompt manner each day.

● Manage any athlete or parent concerns with training and/or coaches.

● Manage any coach illness or unavailability and insure correct cover is available and manage any coach complaints or problems and escalate if necessary.

● Manage group levels and ability’s and alter as necessary.

● Manage any emergency or medical situations quickly and efficiently.

Competition Management

● Liaise with competition organizers to ensure all requirements for the team are met including coach assignment and athlete registration.

● Ensure that athletes are suitably prepared for competition

● Ensure that all facility’s, home or away are suitable for the athlete’s performance, especially in cases where inverts are carried out

● Travel to away competitions and organize accompanying coaches/chaperones as required and ensure coaching for non competing athletes remains in place as per schedule.

● Organize travel, accommodation and coaches for away competitions

● Attend all required training, safety and event meetings 

Athlete Development

● Clearly communicate all information to parents and athletes

● Ensure athletes are wearing protective equipment. (eg. helmets, mouth guards)

● Maintain an attendance record for each athlete.

● Provide assistance to athletes in the selection of and maintenance of ski equipment

● Maintain CAFSC Qualifications Passport log book for CAFSC athlete

● Ensure all attending athletes are registered in the program, fees paid and hold a valid Freestyle Canada registration and membership 

Administration and communication duties

● Provide effective and timely communications to athletes and parents with respect to schedules, general progress updates

● Communicate program specifics – start times, schedules etc

● Act as liaison with parents.

● Provide post event results to Athletes with performance review and developmental feedback.

● Report directly to the CAFSC’s Board of Directors.

● Meet at regular intervals with the Board to discuss program objectives, priorities, and operations.

● Prepare reports for annual meetings & strategic planning sessions

● Prepare and submit up to date expense reports.

● Work within approved budgets and CAFSC policy procedures 


Qualified applicants are invited to apply for this opportunity by forwarding a cover letter, resume and other relevant documents (letters of reference are not required but will be considered if submitted) in a single pdf file via email to Ryan Sawula, Vice President CAFSC, at ryan.sawula@rdcrs.ca.This competition will remain open until a suitable candidate is found. However, applications received by 4:30 pm MDT on Friday, May 15, 2021 will be assured of careful consideration.

Note: A competitive salary will be offered commensurate with level of experience, skills and qualifications, and subject to negotiation with the successful applicant. 

We thank all applicants and will contact only those who will be invited for an interview.

 A current criminal record check and child intervention record check is required of all new club employees. 

You can download the job description using the above link